May 16, 2016


About DocuWare

  • DocuWare automates business processes and workflows by electronically managing and sharing documents regardless of their format or source. Documents are readily available, where and when needed; one search quickly locates related documents.
  • Mobile apps and web clients connect remote, authorized users from home, from the field and while traveling.
  • Secure, controlled and logged access creates transparent workflows. Powerful integration tools allow DocuWare to work closely with familiar applications and from Ricoh® multifunction devices.
    – Scalable
    – On-premise or cloud solutions
    – Available in 16 languages, worldwide
  • DocuWare supports all forms of electronic signatures and is independently certified to help organizations comply with important government and private sector standards.

Major Applications

  • Accounting Department – Automate invoice approval, 3-way matching and other AP processes, monitor and verify purchases, quickly provide PODs to accelerate Accounts Receivable, and efficiently share files for stress free audits.
  • Human Resources – Streamline the interview to processing paperwork, compliantly store information, save time with employee self-service to pay stubs, forms, and more.
  • Sales – Have instant access to customer’s quotes and sales history; task lists help management monitor progress.
  • IT – Secure, easy Records Management including retention schedules and providing for disaster recovery.
  • Healthcare – Patient paper records can be scanned and stored electronically providing access to a complete patient record regardless of where the patient is seen including doctor’s notes, signed forms, test results, etc.
  • Public Administration – From local to regional governing agencies, public records are easily shared in digital format saving municipalities’ time and money.
  • Education – Student records including finance documentation can be compliantly stored and shared by authorized users.
  • Manufacturing – Clearly documented workflows and material lists keep production in budget and on schedule.


  • One search quickly finds all related documents regardless if they are PC generated, an email, a Microsoft Office document or scanned paper.
  • Embedded search button in a familiar program enables quick adaption.
  • Task lists, email notifications, and reminders keep processes moving forward.
  • Tracked and logged access allows everyone to stay up to date.
  • Reduce paper handling expenses from filing times to file cabinets and office space to offsite storage facilities.
  • Easily maintain records retention schedules.
  • Increase business process efficiencies.

Using DocuWare

  • Powerful search and display options, for example, saved frequently used searches, and fulltext searches, enable quick retrieval of information when needed.
  • Electronic handling of documents easily allows for workflow automation to speed up business processes; email notification alerts reminds you of tasks at hand.
  • Team collaborations happens seamlessly since the latest version of a project can be accessed at any time. Changes are tracked and logged so everyone stays on top of the latest development.
  • Integrates into familiar programs to keep the learning curve to a minimum.


  • DocuWare Intelligent Indexing Service transforms document indexing into a hands free operation. Simply place your document in your Ricoh® multifunction device, press a button and it is automatically indexed and stored for you.Here’s how it works: when a new document type is first captured, simply use the One Click Indexing feature. Click on the company name and date found in your document, and select the document type from the list provided. Going forward, the Intelligent Indexing Service learns from your entries. The next time you file a similar document from this company, the indexing criteria will automatically be applied. It only takes one click to confirm the entries.
  • System Requirements
    – DocuWare 6 and forward
    – Internet Explorer browsers – version 9 and higher, and Firefox browsers – version 10.0 and higher, are supported
    – Intelligent Indexing-enabled Web Basket
    – DocuWare Web Client with new Viewer active
  • DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing Service is a web-based Service designed for small to medium businesses.