May 16, 2016

DM Connect

HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions) is a powerful and scalable software solution platform. It enhances your MFP’s core capabilities, integrates seamlessly with all widely accepted software applications, and enhances your specific document imaging processes. With HyPAS, you’ll share more information, optimize your resources, and streamline your document workflows.

Automatically index documents to minimize filing errors DMConnect BENEFITS

  • Convert text into searchable, editable content using optional OCR
  • Use barcodes to expedite document conversion and storage
  • Blank page removal for cleaner, smaller documents
  • Split documents with fixed or arbitrary number of pages
  • View and reset Bates counters with Bates editor for easy identification of documents
  • Support compliance initiatives with e-mail notification of document distribution
  • Multi-destination workflows improve employee productivity
  • Ensure document security by restricting groups or departments via Active Directory integration
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) support for cost effective document management and storage